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The yiiitarjf afthe }n4e fmpm 

The jade Empire, raihioned from fhc Voic! by (he 
will of I he Greaf Dragon and blessed from irs 
creation, fhe empire stands at the heart of" thf 
civilized wor[d--a cultural wellsprin':; in a sea o( 

The maje.5fy of the Sun Dynasty has 3-Lfidt:d 
our people for generations, preserving our 
prosperity throughout the ages. The peace of 
the r£s.lTn was broken only when nature itself 
rebelled, wiihering the land in a decade of thirst. 
But even this (he Emperor Sun Hai would nor 
allow. For when he declared the Long Drougfii 
at an end, it was so. 

Though you were raised far from the 
benevolent gaze of the Emperor you have 
learned much here in Two Rivers — including 
control over your body and the mastery of 
your mind. Bur the end of your rime af this 
borderland school draws near. Now, experience 
will replace lessons as you travel beyond the 
shelter of Two Rivers, Remember that rhough 
the reach of the Empire streiche.s fir. [Kiwerfu! 
spirits lurk just beneath the surface, And fhe 
threat of chaos is ever p.resenc 

.-A ^ i-" 

!t is natural rhar, as an orphan., you would 
have many questions. .And while your 
inquiries to this poinf have been 
met with silence, perhaps on this 
day. answers at last will find you. 

Switch Targets ■ 

Move t.'haracfer 

O P.-xusc. coTTibaf 
Cfhen press Cx) lo 
display confrols,' 

O OiSpirty in-^aiTjr menu 

® Switch styles /Picss And hold to 
change style mapping (sec p^. 17) 

Far more information on h'^sic Am 
advanced combat, see page? )8-Z^ 

^:^ 4 ^--. 

D ''Witch far5efs clockwise 
(X) Power aftack 

® f'X'^'?''' ft>cus mode 
I Block 

® Affack 
# To'^'^k:' Chi sirikt 

O Chi heal 

""^l^ © ConiToi cAtTiera 

f — 

Coftiiwiniifln >t^r£r 


Attack cximbo 



Area Attack 


+ ♦© 

Forvvar-iJ flip 


+ ♦© 

Backward flip 



Left roil evd,dc 


+ 40 

Ri;^hr roll evade 


+ D 

Free Tari^er mode 


f ^ 



{A Kiwckin^ HMk fnmies 

v^- !'f you :-]c! overwhelmed by sheer nii'nf'ir;-,, u;-,, 

. an area ait^ick )(A) + ®' ft\'^iv'f; ytiur'-.clf '-curic 

fi brearhin^ room. 



(7 /--» 

fmm effui Mmttpt 

ff a characfcr is hit by an cffec! fhaf infficrs 
dama^'^e over fimc or applies a st&tits cffea — :juc!i 
.15 poison or paralysL"; the name of rlra! effect 
aope.ars ahijve rhc thAracrrr's heati, (See p'^ 20 ) 

X 7 , , :;.. .. ^ 



'"SiM^MilME: '..-. ■ ..ti^^sM^sX 

Chomt yonr Tath 

Before youi" journey be^^ins, choose a rharacter type fj-om fhe 
Character Select screen. Press (Y) to cusfomize yc.tur charterer's 
statistics, or press ® to continue with fhe default stars. 

^rmm-if AhUHki 

Body, Spirit, and Mind work in harmony to create a unified 
whole, but each of the three determines a different aspect of 
your skills. Vou can increase each as yoLi ^'^ain experience durini^ 
your adventures. 

To view your priman/ or secondary' ability levels press O to 50 
fo the in-^arne menu, and then pu!! fl orQ ro scroll to the 
Character Record screen 

' Body: Measures yc3Ur ability tc:i withstafid damage in baffle. 
Influences your secondaiy ability of Health. 

• Spirit; Detnonstrafes your ability fo manipulate internai 
energies, called Chi. Influences your secondaty ability of Chi. 

' Mind: Reflecis your abilify fo ihirik on 
your feci. Influences your seconciary 
ability of Focu 

fmm^ftrjj Ahiiitm 

In combaf your secondary abilities of Health. Focus and Chi 
cotne Inio play Tliese abilities are drawn directly fi-otn your 
primary abiliijcs, buf they also can be increased by special 
te c h n iq u es a n d es se fi cc ge m s (sec pg. 2V. 

' Health: Depletes when you take dama^'^'C. You can press O fo 
expend Chi and hea! yourself quickly. To regain Health, grab 
Hcall'h power- ups during combat. If yotir Health reaches zero, 
you die. 

» Focus: Depletes^ when you eriiet Focus mode or when you 
use a weapon style. When you press ® to focus your irjind, 
your foes seem to slow down while you move a! normal 
speed. To regain Focus encrg\', gather power- ups from fallen 
enemies or visit focus shrines in Iixplorafion mode, 

'Chi: Dep.lcfes when you use Chi healing (('_).', Chi -enhanced 
strikes ('^J, rransformarion slyles, or magic-srylc attacks. 
To regain Chi, gather power-ups from fallen enemies, steal 
Cfii from foes wifh Spirit Thief style, or visit Spirii fonis in 
Fxplorafion mode. 

Unn^ ftn^ Increaiin^ Chi 

Use. Chi !o fuel ma^^ic slyles, to add dam,\;je to your 
aliacks, and ro heal yourself Increase your Chi by raising 
youi' .Spirit when you gain levels (.see pg. I'jJ. or by irsing 
certain essence gems and techniques ['see pg. 20. 


■Ot^^1lt%*^* ^ 

Convtnntwn fktltr 

Wisdom dictarcs fhat force is not always necessary. !n some 
insrancc.s, you may be able lo defeaf an enemy wiih your words 
alone. To improve a conversarion skill, increase your primary 
abiiifies (see p^, 12) or equip special essence 5ems (see pg. ?J). 

Jo view your <: o ri v ers a ri on skill levels, press O (o 30 fo !fie 
in '5a me menu, pull CS or E9 to scroll (o fhe Character Record 

screen, and fhers press @- 

» Charm: influence your lisfener wi(h friendliness or flirCafion. 
Based on your primary abilities of Mind and Body, 

« Intuition: Reason with yoLir lisfener, or use your insi^hf io 
determine what wjjl sw^y him or her. Based on your primary 
abiiiries of Mind and Spirit, 

' {nfimidation: Impress your fisJetTer wifh your physical 
presence. Based on your primary abiiifies of Body andSpirii, 

Ift'Qftmt Menu Icam 

Press O fo access fhe in-5ame menu. Pull O or EJI fo scroll. 

Characfer record 
(See pg. T2~-Tj.) 

(See p3. 22,) 

fSec pg. 16.) 

i'5ee pg. 21.) 

I'Secp^'^, 25.) 


(See pg. 24.) 

Load 5ame 
(See p^, 25,) 

(Sec pg. 25.) 





As you ^ain Experience Poitits CXP.), you tnay your skill.s 
as you see fit. Bur as a rnighry bear is humbled by a pack of 
cunning wolves, so foo is a powerful warrior besred when he 
exercises his body alone. Balance is key in all things. 

expmemc Tointi 

You earn XP by defeating enemies in combat, 
completing quests, and for being skillful in certain 
conversations. When you have enough XP fogain 
a level, you gain a nrtmber of Aljiliry Poinfs And 
Style Points ffiat you can spend to make your cliaracter more 
powerful. Watch for the arrow icon that appears each titne your 
level increases, 

AiniiUf T^iMf rf»4 fi^tt Taints 

when you reach certain experience levels, you 
earn both Ability Point.s and .Sfyle Points. Pre.s.s 
O to go to the in-game trjenu. Spend new 
.Ability Poinis on your Cliaracter Record screen, 
and spend new Style Poirifs on your Sfyles 
screen. t'Pull #1 or B io scroll through 
rhc screens.) \'ofe thaf after you finalize 
your choices you will not be able to 
change therii 


«-. Weapon styles And focus rnmlt 
1/^ aje ex'rciTK'ly pDwctful. hui ,\ir\ 
^Z use up Focus qtiickly, if you 
A^, like fo use these abilities in 
Iffl combat increase your Mind 
when you gain a level. 

MArtiai styles ane the most Sl 

practice! and useful fighting styles. 

Though ail in flier dama.'je. each varies in speed and damage 


Strategic note: Coiems arc immune (o martial styles- 

LJsing- magic styles drawsvfrom your pool of Chi. In addition 
to doing damage, fhey generally cause special longer -ia.sting 
effects such as immolarion.,or pern.ficafion ('see pg. 20.). Because 
of the awesome range and power of these sly ies, only those 
with high Chi can use thefu for long. 

Strategic note; Demons and golems are immune to magic styles. 

^ wmp&ti St^kf 

Weapon styles have e.xccllent reach and speed, hut these 
adranla^^es come ar a cost. [:ach auack drains your Focu.s. 
making these styles too tiring to use in long baffles. 

Strategic note: Spirirs are immune lo weapon styles. 

% Trftni^fmmai'wn ffijkf '"'"" 

To learn transfbrmarion styles you must absorb the spirit of a 
fallen enemy -a rare occurrence. Although if exacts a signifcafif 
Chi cost, this style temporarily grants you the immense power 
and fearsome special attacks of the fallen beast you emulate. 

i2 Snpport ftjfkr 

Supporr styles do no direct damage, but fheir straic^gic use can 
enhance f.>ther styles. Use- support styles to slow down, stun, or 
paralyze your enemies. 

Strategic note: Detnon.s, floating spirits, and golerns are imiiiune 
to support styles. 



press a direction on 

The firsf four styles you acquire wili be assigned aufornaticall.y 
to ® . However, you may change these assignments as you 
wish, even during combat. 

Jo nmfin n fftf/p to ^ 

1. Briefly press and hold i 
assign the rtev? style, 

2. .Sek'cf the desired style from the pop- up metiu and then 
press ®, 

' *- 




iVIauy creafLires arc 
iriirruine to certain 
style iypes. i-ur 
example, spirits are 
immune to supporl 
and weapon sfyles. 
E,xperiment with 
different sryies against 
these enemies. 


Press @ ro perfortTi rhe basic ^illack for any fisSil'n^ styk'. 
You can sfrfng fojc'tlicr a powerful attack combo by rapidly 
pressing ® , ® or ® , ® , ®. 


Press 9 to defend yourself from bask: attacks f®) and area 
attacks (®+®,i ■-but beware of unblockable power attacks i'®h 

Tomr Atmck 

Press ® [o perform a slow but powerfiif atiack that penetrates 
any block. Because if is so slow, it can be inierrupsed by a faster 
affack (®^ 

Area Attftck 

Press ® arid ® ar rhe same time to knock back al! opponents 
around you, Mosl area arracks do not inflict arty damage. Also, 
note rhaf you can press % (o block an area atrack. 

To get out of a bad situafion or avoid an enemy's special aHack, 
press and move ® simulraneoifsly . 


Pull either trigger to rargcf a different opponent, O switches fo 
rhe next rssrget on your left; I3 swifchcs to the next target on 
Y'our right. 

free, Target MoAc 

Pull O+O to break your lock on an opponent and move more 
freely around the combat area, PljI! O, t3. or 0+E9 again to 
exit this mode. 

U"" i^ ■ 

A^raueA Comhat 

Tucikni Tanit 

while paused you can change fighting styles, switch rargers, 
and swivel the camera to gef a Ix'Ker look ar the situation. 
Press O to einer or exit Tactical Pause mode, 


Focusing your mind during combat makes your foes seetri 
fo slow down, while you retain your mental clarity^ and 
physical speed, Wfiife exploring, R)c:us .mode allows you to extremely fast. Pi'ess ® to enter or exit Focus mode, btJt 
remember that spending time in this rriode.draitis your Focus 
energy. To regain Focus energy,- gather power-ups from falletr 
■enemies or visit Focus sltrines in Exploratioti mode, 


Press 9 fo power yciur arracks with Chi; while .)n Chi .Strike 
mode, all your attacks do in ore damage. Ptess #. again to exii ■ 
Chi Strike mode. To regain Chi, gather power-ups from falleti 
enemies, use Spirit Thief style to steal Chi from foes, or visit 
Spirit fonts in Exploration mode, 

Chi fiml 

P re s s a n d hold O 'o , s p en d Ch i f o heal y o u rsd f Yo u continue 
to heal as long as you hold ('Jand have remaining Chi, or until 
your f 'ealrh bar is full, 

yinnnomc Comhffi 

Some attacks in trjagi<: or support styles trigger very effective- 
combination attacks called harmonic cotirbt^js. Wheii a harmonic 
i:on}bo is tri^^^ercd, a timei" appears around the feet of the 
targeted enemy. While the rimer is visible, switch to a tnarrial 
.style, and then press ® to finish the combo with a power 
' attack. 

1^ i-^ 



Some f-i^hfin'-j styles include Aff^veks fhat inflict damA'^e in 
special ways. Nore rhaf sorric enemies and fi^hfin':; sfyles are 
immune frorr] cerfain status effects, 

' Poisoned: Target's i^eaIth decreases until tfie effecr wears C)ff." 

• immolated: Target is Set on frre and his or her Health 
decreases until the effect wears off Enemies canntJt arrack 
wfiile they are on fire. 

' Frozen: 7ar5er is locked in a block of kx and his or her Health 
decreases until the effect wears off 

' Slowed: Target's movement A.r\(j attack rafes Arc slowed down 
[.rnfi! rhe effect vvears i,'ff. 

• Paralyzed; larger is imtTiobiiized until \hc effecr wears off 

' Shocked: Tatgef fakes mitior ddma^^e over fime until (he effect 
weais off 

' D is o r j e n te d : Ta rge t wd n d e rs a i m I ess 1 y a n d ca n n o t attack u n t i ! 
the effect wears off 

' Drained: Target is stunned, and his Chi is fi.inncled to the ■ 
attacker until the target takes damage. 

.Defeatcci enetriics sometimcrs drop power-ups that restore youj- 
abilities or make you more powerful in combat. 

^- Health: Restores some Health. 

^ Chi; Restores sorne Chi. 

O Focus: Restores souie Focus. 

^ Restore All: Restores some Health. Fociis, and Chi. 

iP' Unblockable: Makes a!) attacks unbiockabie for a short 

, JO l.^ 



The Jade Empire is a land of tradition, and the world is dotted . 
with shrines where you can regain your Health, Chi, atid Foctis. 
To use a shrine, stand in front of it,- atid then press ®. 

' Spirit Font: Completely restores Health and Chi. 

• Focus Shrine: Completely restores Focus. 

Watch for rare and powerful training called techniques. These 
corrse in many different forms but all are penuatienf, so choose 
wisely before accepting a new one. Alsc^ be sure to keep an eye 
out for hidden techtiiques. Press (x) on ihe Character Record 
screen fo see a lisf of fccltniqucs you have acquired. 

t^Yft^on Amkt mA Gmnee dmr 

■ Essence gerns seetn nothing more than corriiTion stones or 
fewefrv to most. t5ut to one trained in their use, they are sources 
of spiritual power The Dragon Amulet enables its usct fo 
harness this power. By placing essence gems (tito the Dragon 
Amulet's slots, the amulet's wearer can channel the power of 
those gems to augtnent his or her 
own abilities. 

Xff Huesr^ofir t>yH0ffn Amnkt 

1. Press O lo access the in-game ■ 
menu, and then pull O or El to 
scroll to the Amulet screen. 

2. !n ihe left-hand window, use® 
(o highlight rhe sfot where you 
want to place the gem. and then 
press ®. 

3. when (he gem inv^cniory opens, use ® fo highlight rhe 
appropriate gem, and then press ® to select it. 



■. . j^:..„lgp " 7"l 


Others will be drawn to you And your .searrh. So it 15 with a 
great cause sucfi as yours — even fhose with litfie ralsnt for 
magic insrincfivcfy feel the dire naiure of your task Aud long to 
ukc part. Be cautiotjs when elioosing whom to accept into your 

Thottgh you will gain many followers, only one may 
accompany you at any time, and each supports you in a 
difl'crenr way. To switch followers or change (ho'r cornbaf 
behavior press O fo go to the In-game menu, then puff fl 
or B ro .scroll ro the Followers screen. 

To switch followers, fiighlight ifie follower you wans on 
the Followers screen, and then press (A). Note thaj in some 
inifance.s, ,such as during cornbaf, you are not af^Ic to swiich 

To svyitch befwcen Attack and Support modes, select a follower, 
and then press ®. Use to highlight the desired mode, and 
then press (a), 

Mfvn Stftr 

like you. Dawn Star was brought to Two Rivers as .a child. 
Consicfcring her genera! kindness fo all. if is no surprise thai 
■you became close. friends, Buf, caring though she is, tnany tri ihe 
village consider her strange, whispering rhat she speaks with 
ghosf.s, just as she has accompanied you throughout your years 
of'learning. you wciuld be wise to keep her close fo your side 
during the trials to come. ■ 

The hertriil of (he swarnp is a rnan with blackened hands and 
the scars of trtany battles. His ski!! in baffie is unquestionable, 
but his lovalty to your cause is not so-certain. 



4 'ffe 

These days the land overflows with j:)eri!.s-- some originating in 
this world, others emanating from the nexr. 

These scoundrels typically roam the countryside, preying on 
weaiy travelers. Bur with recent events keeping most citizens 
close to the safety of their hearths, these bloodfhirsly rogues 
have become desperate, aitacking towns directly. 

Few dare speak the name of the Lmperor's advisor but all live 
ifi fear of hitrt, Litrlc is known of Deafh's Hand other than fhaf 
he is the leader of the shadowy lotus Assassins. A few brave 
souls imply rhat the Empenir relies on his counsel iriore than is 

Vou automatically enter Combat mode; any iJmf: 
you approach an opponem wIjo is prepared in 
fig hr. You CAn pidl Qt'EK io nw>vc ahoai more 
fceely in free Target (node, bm you mav not 
leav?e the combat area until you ' 
dispatched your foe. 


To .see a mjni-iriAp of your immediafe area press (x) while in 
Exploration mode (sec pj, W). Repeatedly press (X) )o cycle 
fhrou^h A srndil map, a large one, or none at all. 

Areas where yon have been are shown clearly, 
■while .ireas you have yef ro explore appear dark. 
After you have vfsifed an imporfant area if is 
labeled ori fhe fnini*map and marked with an 

Ann Map 

The lander area, tnap show.s the area you an lurtenllv tn with 
irriporranf characters and locations hi^hlighrt d fo vr w fhis 
map. press O to 30 to the in"t;arr5e rnenir and then pull Q 
or O (o scroll 10 (he Map seieen. 




Aim Map Icpih 



Poini of Inieres 


















Jafirntti an4 Qncsti 

Use your journal to remind yourself oFfhe details of your 
quests. Important informafion will he recorded auromafically 
As you endeavor to complete the tasks you are given, keep in 
mind that rarely is there a single means to an end — (he choices 
you make affect your chai'acfer your followers, and the world at 

Jo acan^BM journal 

1. Press O lo access fhe in-game menu, and then pull d or 
El to scroll fo fhe iournai screen. 

2. Repeaicdiy press ® fo cycle through All Active Quests, 
Aciive Main Story Quests, Active Subquesrs. and All 
Completed Quests. 

3. Press up and down on % to highlighl a qricst. information 
about that quest appears in the lower window. 

4. Press right on $ to move to the task list on the right side. 
Press up and down on (^ to highligiir a (ask. fnfonriarior! 
about that task appears in the lower window. 

5. Press (x) to sec an inventoiy of plot irem.s. 

6. Press ® (o review recent dialog and rewards. 
J ^ 

fi~ Your game is saved automatically after key events. To 
i^ save a game yourself at a particular point, press O to go 
v!^ to -!"hc in game menu. Pull Q orO to scroll fo the Save 
'to Came screen. Note that you cannot save during combat. 
fl To load a saved game, press O to go fo the in game 

menu, and then pull fl or© to scroll ro the Load 

Game screen.